III® Arms: Model 1911

III Arms 1911 prototype

We designed a 1911 specifically for carrying out the front door with full knowledge you may have to defend your life, and price should be the last consideration when deciding which pistol you will reach for every single time your life is in danger.

We took "standard" and added what we thought were common changes based upon observations out there in the wild.

While we can't anticipate every end-user's custom requirements, we can produce weaponry that comes with a bit more than standard as a base for you to work with. Remember, these are fighting weapons, which differ a bit from competition shooters and safe queens.

Features: Low profile 3 dot sights, lowered and flared ejection port, ambi & extended safety, beavertail, bobbed hammer, beveled mag well. Options available for sights, trigger, finish colors and grips.

The pistols are specifically designed to go bang! every time you pull the trigger, no matter what. And it will be the rare hundgunner who can out-shoot these pistols in terms of accuracy.

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M1911 - III Arms
pretty colors

Number 4 w Grips

III Arms model 1911 Prototype #4 in the build process

Pistol No.4
Pistol No.4
III Arms 1911 prototype
prototype painting