Captain John Parker
Captain John Parker

III® Arms: About Us

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"Rightful liberty is unobstructed action according to our will
within limits drawn around us by the equal rights of others."
—Thomas Jefferson

III Arms is dedicated to building first-class fighting arms for the defense of Jefferson's Rightful Liberty. Our company is the result of more than 40 American Patriots who joined forces and pooled resources to help defend Liberty and America.

III Arms AR15 prototype

These are exciting times for III Arms. The AR pictured at right is just one of two AR Prototypes we built to go on tour at major gun shows across America, and will be available at select locations for weekend "Range Days" where real Patriots may put their hands on our weapons and judge them personally.

In addition to the ARs we are building, our initial offerings include a serious 1911 designed with a singular purpose: To be the handgun you reach for confidently when you go into harm's way.

We will not build Safe Queens.

We will not build junk.

We will build Fighting Arms in the spirit of Captain John Parker.

America is in trouble. One day soon, America will need her heroes to stand up and be counted, as did John Parker and the men who took to the Green at his shoulder in Lexington in defense of Liberty.

When you are called upon to defend Liberty, when it is your turn to be John Parker and dare to stride into harm's way, the Fighting Arms branded with our III will do their job and tell the world who you are: Patriot.

Welcome to III Arms Company.