III Arms AR prototype

This rifle's Specs & Features:
• Custom III Camo finish
• Mil-Spec size 7000 series aluminum receiver extension with staked receiver (castle) nut
• 4150 CMV 5.56 NATO chambered barrel with chrome lining, 1/9 twist, double lead lapped
• M4 feed ramps
• 4.5lb trigger, polished, new springs, and anti-seize treated
• Carpenter 158 shot peened bolt with black extractor spring
• Shrouded full circle AR15 bolt carrier w/ side staked carrier key
• MI rear flip/front post sights
• F marked front sight base with taper pins
• Double heatshield handguards

III® Arms: AR-15

III Arms AR camo finish
Our standard AR-15 rifle comes in black and includes a flat-top A3 upper receiver, a 16-inch barrel with a 1/9 twist, standard forged front sight base with standard sight, M4 6-position stock, pistol grip and a 30-round magazine. Options available for uppers, barrels, grips and stocks, and finish colors (like that sweet 3-color camo job above!).

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three lowers
A trio of lowers awaiting assembly;
engraving on the rifle (right)
black ar-15
engraving on the ar-15

Photos of the camouflage process

III Arms AR mags
Camouflage finish on the 30-round mags
III Arms AR prototype
Partway through the camo finish process
III Arms AR parts
Parts after painting
III Arms AR prototype
First coat: Coyote Tan