Founder's Special

III Arms Founders may request a "Founder's Limited Edition" firearm for a limited time, complete with your selected quote engraved, custom engraving to include your name and your place as a Founder of III Arms, and custom serial numbers.

Simply place your order using the online forms, and send a note with your payment for custom requests. You will be contacted by a III Arms representative prior to your build to ensure accuracy of your order.

III® Arms: Order Forms and Instructions

III Arms Customers:
Complete the online order form to place your order. Once completed, you may pay by credit card or you may print a copy of your order form and enclose that copy with your payment (Made payable to: III Arms Company) and mail to:

III Arms Company
69 Telena Court
Inwood, WV 25428
You may choose to purchase a III Arms firearm on layaway. Use the order form(s) below and send in a deposit of 1/3 to 1/2 of the firearm's total price. You may take as much as 6 months to pay the balance. Deposits are non-refundable, and your build will not begin until final payment is made.

Engraving is standard on III Arms firearms. You may choose to eliminate the engraving from your firearms (no charge) or change the quote to one of your choice of suitable length. Please include a note with your order form when you submit your paperwork to III Arms.

All customers will be contacted by a III Arms representative immediately prior to the beginning of your build to ensure the accuracy of your order.

Build Timeline

NOTE: Delivery timelines are subject to great uncertainty due to the current political climate and parts availability. However, all orders will be satisfied in the sequence in which full payment was received.

Remember, each build is custom and special. Building your III Arms fighting pistol or rifle is not an assembly line process, rather a precise and conscientious exercise in craftsmanship to ensure your weapons will surpass every expectation.


Rifles starting at $1500

III Arms AR15
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AR-15 specs and info


Pistols starting at $1750

III Arms 1911
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1911 specs and info